The following links have been provided for you to hopefully find what you are looking for. If you would like to add a link to this page, please feel free to forward it to me via the contact me page. Thank you.

FEEDS (follow me)

  • Facebook – A feed that adds to the information and photographs shown on the sightings page.
  • Twitter – A feed where I post sightings at the time of viewing or dipping birds, butterflies, etc.
  • Flickr – View a selection of photographs I have taken.


  • Birdguides – Provides up to date information on all of the national birdwatching news.
  • Fatbirder – Provides information on all aspects of birding.
  • B.O.U. (The British List) - A link that points towards the official british list on the British Ornithologists' Union website.
  • B.T.O. – Provides upto date information on all aspects of Birdwatching, including surveys.
  • RSPB – News from around the world, including surveys and RSPB Nature Reserves.



  • DB Website Design – A website design and photography service I offer to clients/customers in Bishop Auckland and beyond.
  • Cora's Choice - High quality food for those of you who have K9 friends.

OTHER LINKS (bird food, nest boxes, accessories, etc.)

  • Billy Oh – Ultimate Guide to Nest Boxes, Why you should have them and how to build your own.
  • Ark Wildlife - Wildlife lovers who offer carefully selected natural food, habitats and extremely high-quality accessories.